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News from our Parish schools Feb 17, 2023

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
School News 2

Siena Catholic Primary School

Welcome Mass, P & F Thanks

Last Sunday’s School Welcome Mass held at St Catherine’s Sippy Downs was a special event. To be in a full church with parents, students, staff and parishioners sharing the celebration was, for me, a wonderful occasion. Although the times of events will never suit everyone, if you can get to one of our school led Masses this year – that would be great. The pastries and coffees were a great way to finish off the morning (the chocolate croissants went in a flash).

As always, a sincere thanks to our P&F volunteers (and their families) who assisted in the organisation, ordering, serving and, after everyone had gone, packing and cleaning up. Also a big thank you to Mrs Barrett-Coade for the organisation of the Mass; Mrs Khoury and Mrs Summit for the choir preparation and accompaniment. Finally, to Fr Will and Deacon Isaac, we are blessed by your wisdom, leadership and direction, and grateful for your presence in our community.

Mr Glen Bucklar

Principal Siena Catholic Primary School




Stella Maris Primary School 





The Lighting the Lantern Awards presented by Year 6 students at assembly last Thursday was the highlight of the week.

Children can be nominated for these awards by demonstrating positive actions that reflect one of our 5Cs: Compassion, Commitment, Creativity, Courage and Confidence (God-given gifts that we can all use to make our world a better place). These gifts were present in Venerable Nano Nagle, patroness of our school, as she carried on the mission of Jesus bringing hope to many in difficult times. Today, our students are challenged to continue lighting the way for others, through their actions, every day.

One of the ways that the broader community at Stella Maris lights the way and carries on the mission of Jesus, is by recognising when people are in need of assistance and doing something about it.  Our Care Pantry is a perfect example. This meal donation service allows us to support families that are going through difficult times. Members of the community collect containers from school and fill them with meals or with snacks that can be used in lunch boxes.  They then return the filled containers, which are stored and distributed as needed.  As we enter the Church season of Lent, may we all be inspired to look for ways we can bring light and hope to others.



Siena Catholic College  

If you were down at Mooloolaba on Monday or Tuesday, chances are you saw our Year 9 students on their Geography excursion. While there, the students collected data on how successful Mooloolaba is as a tourist destination – looking specifically for ways people access the area and what attractions encourage them to visit.

On Tuesday, love was in the air as we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Our senior students had prepared a chocolate treat for each member of the community and this inspired each of us to consider that, while not everyone agrees on the origins of Valentine’s Day, no one can resist a day that reminds us of the importance of love.

Also, some of our ATSI students travelled to ACU for a First Nations Dance Workshop on Tuesday. The students who participated enjoyed the opportunity to learn from and engage in story through both music and dance.








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