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News from our Parish schools Mar 31, 2023

Palm Sunday
School News 2

Siena Catholic Primary School

This past week we, as a school, have been reflecting and participating in Holy Week Liturgies to remember the true meaning of Easter. Jesus died so we may have life.

Year 1 re-enacted Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem where he was treated like a king. People lining the streets waving palms singing Hosanna to the King.

Our Year 5 class then led the school in a beautiful reflection on the last Supper and The Washing of the Feet. Jesus said remember me when you gather. He gave us his Body and Blood so we may live our lives serving others. On Friday we finished the school term by witnessing a moving reenactment of Jesus’ arrest, trial and crucifixion.

Our Year 4 children told the story of the Passion in a reverent and meaningful liturgy. We wish our Siena school community, the parishioners and our priests a holy and prayerful Easter. May you all be safe and come back renewed in the spirit of the Resurrection.

Easter Blessing

May you all cherish and live the true meaning of Easter where we celebrate the Risen Christ. May we be Christ here on earth to others and do his will through our loving words and actions. May God bless and keep you and your family safe during this Holy time.


Stella Maris Primary School 


With the school holidays commencing just in time for the beginning of Holy Week, we decided to commemorate the events of Holy Week a week ahead of time at Stella Maris School.

Year level groups gathered throughout the day on Monday to engage in storytelling activities, music, reflection and prayer to begin the pilgrimage. There were many hands up when Mrs Davissen invited volunteers to participate in the retelling of the story. Everyone joined in calling out, “Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna to our King!” as palm branches were waved and Jesus “journeyed through the hall into Jerusalem” in preparation for the Passover.

We remembered Jesus’ command to “Do this in memory of me!” as the bread and wine were shared amongst the disciples. We imagined the disciples’ surprise when Jesus bowed to wash their dirty feet. We considered how Jesus must have been feeling when he asked his friends to stay awake and watch with him awhile, while he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane and then they fell asleep.

Finally, we pondered the fear of the disciples as Jesus was arrested by the Roman soldiers. With the fabulous help of some of our Work Experience Year 10 students from St John’s College at Nambour, we had Year 6 students lead us in a dramatic retelling of the events of Jesus’ final hours, so that we finish our term as a whole school community reflecting prayerfully on the events of Good Friday. Was it the intense mood music that stirred the senses? Was it the use of intentional silence, pauses or expressive voices? Perhaps it was the soulful singing of “Look at the Cross”, led by the choir or the strong beating of a single drum amidst the silence. Time will tell. How lucky are we though, that unlike Jesus’ disciples, we know the next part of the Easter story? While we head off in different directions for our two-week school holidays, we look forward to sharing the joyful celebrations of the Resurrection as a school community when we return for Term 2.


Siena Catholic College  


This week we wrapped up what has been a busy term with a Liturgy of the Word that previewed the events of Holy Week. Students were encouraged to recall the Passion narrative and to reflect on how each of us is called to live in the light of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The key text of our liturgy was Jesus’ call to his disciples to ‘come, follow me’. Our Year 7 students spent the first three days of the week on camp at Currumundi. This was an opportunity for them to have fun, to learn additional skills, and to consolidate new friendships – all while developing a strong sense of cohesion and support within their cohort. The final of our five Caritas fundraisers concluded this week, with Bernardino’s gigantic Easter raffle. Our support for Caritas is such a big part of the College’s Lenten observance and our House Leaders and their support crews are to be congratulated on both their awareness and fund-raising efforts.













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