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While Baptism is the gateway into the Catholic faith, the Sacrament of Confirmation affirms your or your child’s commitment to the faith and renews the baptismal promises before First Holy Communion. This is done with the help of a sponsor. Your sponsor is someone whom you choose - a Catholic who guides you into the faith and readies you to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is typical for baptised children to be confirmed at about grade three and upward, which the Church considers the age of reason. In this way, the sacrament is often likened to a rite of passage.

The timing of First Holy Communion and Confirmation has changed in recent years, so if you’re over 30 years old, you might have done it differently. The current order of the Sacraments of Initiation reflects the intended purpose from ancient times, which always was to renew your baptismal promise before First Holy Communion.

If you are interested in being confirmed yourself, please visit our Becoming Catholic page.

Confirmation Sacramental Program 2024


24 APRIL WEDNESDAY                 Parent Information Night - 5-6pm - Stella Maris Church,                    

27 & 28 APRIL SATURDAY            Enrolment Mass Confirmation       

8 MAY WEDNESDAY                      Week 1 - 5-6pm -  Parent & Candidate – Our Baptismal Call - Stella                                                           Maris Church, Maroochydore

15 MAY WEDNESDAY                   Week 2 - 5-6pm - Parent & Candidate – Keeping Promises - Stella                                                             Maris Church, Maroochydore

22 MAY WEDNESDAY                   Week 3 - 5-6pm - Parent & Candidate – Hands and Oil - Stella                                                                   Maris Church, Maroochydore

29 MAY WEDNESDAY                   Week 4 - 5-6pm - Parent & Candidate – The Gift of the Spirit -Stella                                                          Maris Church, Maroochydore

5 JUNE WEDNESDAY                    CONFIRMATION REHEARSAL   4 or 6pm

6 JUNE THURSDAY                        SACRAMENT CONFIRMATION, Stella Maris Church,  4 or 6pm

Registrations are now closed for 2024


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