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Latest Parish News May 17, 2024

Pentecost Sunday
Latest Parish News

Welcome to Pentecost

According to Luke’s account in the book of Acts, the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ, while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks, a joyous Jewish harvest festival held on the fiftieth day after Passover.
The early Church gave the title ‘Pentecost’ from the Greek word Pentekostos meaning ‘fifty’ to the whole period of fifty days between the resurrection of Christ and the coming of the Holy Spirit. The feast of Pentecost commemorates two things: the gift of the Spirit that enables us to praise and proclaim the good news of Christ, and the birth of the Church as an active community. The words ‘fire’ and ‘wind’ are used frequently in the Bible to describe the Holy Spirit. The Spirit ‘seizes’, is ‘poured out’ and ‘lifts up’. These dynamic references reflect the sense of excitement and zeal for mission of the early disciples.


Feeling Crafty?

Our Parish craft group meets this Friday at 9.45am, just after the Friday morning Stella Maris Mass. We are a happy little group that meets once a month and enjoy sharing ideas and being creative. We meet at the Stella Maris function room and we always welcome new members – so please accept this invitation and join us this Friday.



The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost is a timely reminder to keep in our prayers the over 100 young parishioners and their families, who are on the journey of preparation in anticipation of receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. Every Wednesday evening, they gather at Stella Maris to learn and prepare. Bishop Brian Heenan will celebrate the Sacrament at Stella Maris on Thursday 6 June.


Getting Closer!

Our Parish Multicultural Mass and cultural extravaganza will be held on Sunday 16 June. Last week, the coordinators held one of their regular planning meetings looking at the liturgy and the food and entertainment that follows the Mass. Our Multicultural Mass is a great reminder of the diversity of our Catholic Faith and the bonds that unite us – make sure you invite your friends and neighbours.





















Children’s Church

Each Sunday morning, we host Children’s Church at the 8.00am St Catherine’s Mass and the 9.00am Stella Maris Mass.

All young children are commissioned at the start of Mass and are given the opportunity to explore age-appropriate activities based on the Gospel. It is a great way to engage our younger children. For parents who are involved, it is a rewarding ministry—if you would like to be involved, simply contact Carrolyn Watt at the Parish Office


Corpus Christi

The annual Corpus Christi procession will take place at the Cathedral of St Stephen on Sunday, June 2 beginning at 2.00pm. Starting and ending at the cathedral and featuring prayers, rosary, hymns and Benediction the proceedings will be led by Archbishop Mark Coleridge. Further information is available on our Parish Facebook page or by visiting



Mary, Help of Christians – this Friday

The Feast of Mary Help of Christians is celebrated on May 24. This tradition goes back to 1571, when the whole of Christendom was saved by Mary Help of Christians, while Catholics throughout Europe prayed the Rosary.
In the image of Mary Help of Christians, both Mary and the child Jesus wear crowns, a sign that they share the glory of the kingdom of God. Mary Help of Christians was adopted as patron of the new Church of Australia in 1844, at a significant time in this country’s history. The transportation of convicts was coming to an end, the first elections in Australian history had been held in 1843, and issues of land, immigration and education had begun to surface.
In the 21st century, the Church continues to face the call and challenge of witnessing to the values of the gospel as Australia confronts many social issues. Hence, recourse to our national patron, Mary Help of Christians, is as relevant and necessary today as it has ever been.
The Collect for the Feast asks God, through the intercession of Our Lady, Help of Christians, to grant “wisdom to our leaders and integrity to our citizens, so that, under her protection, Australia may know harmony, justice and peace”.

You are invited to join this Friday at our 9.00am Stella Maris Mass as we celebrate the Feast of Mary Help of Christians.




Baptismal Guidelines

Registration for all baptism is via our website

Our online registration is very easy with 4 basic steps:

1. Fill out the online form

2. Upload birth certificate (pc or laptop only)

3. To comply with government legislation both parents must sign the parental authority

4. Choose a godparent (must be Catholic 16 years or older in good standing with the Church).

Infant Baptism: 0-6 years
Parent(s) attend Baptismal Preparation first Thursday of the month.
Baptisms are celebrated Saturday morning 10am Stella Maris Church.
Other Churches and times during Mass are available on request.

Older Children Baptism 7-15 years
Attend initial enquiry session (8 September, 10.15am Stella Maris Function Room).
Attend 2 hour preparation session (29 September, 2.00pm).
Candidate is required to attend 5 Masses and complete a baptism workbook.
We encourage this age group to be baptised during Mass but they may attend 10.00am Saturday morning if desired.

Older Children: 16-17 years
This age group will participate in the Rite of Christian Initiation for Youth, which will begin in June 2024, further information to follow. Adults aged 18 years and over:
Register via the Becoming a Catholic/RCIA drop down menu on the website.



FAQs: What is SYNOD24?

In three months’ time, our Archdiocese will be holding a Synod to reflect upon and implement decrees that came out of the Plenary Council.
SYNOD24 is about discerning action plans that will help the Archdiocese implement the areas of focus (Decrees) that came out of the Plenary Council.

Please click on the link for a brief explanation of each area of focus (Decree)

SYNOD24 will be held on two days in September and two days in October, where approximately 150 people representing the diversity of the Archdiocese will discuss, debate and vote on the proposed practical and measurable actions plans. Synod Members must attend all four days. More information on SYNOD24.

Plenary Council Decree 7 requires all dioceses and eparchies to have a synod by the end of 2025. SYNOD24 is our response to this requirement. You can download all Plenary Council Decrees here.

SYNOD24 honours the significant level of broad consultation, listening and discerning that has taken place over the course of the Plenary Council journey (since 2018) and is the next step of this process. Consultations over March, April and May have been focused on voices that had not been heard previously, voices of those on the margins, experts and experienced practitioners. This is to ensure the action plans are practical and measurable, that they reflect the needs of our Archdiocese, and that they truly reflect the responses submitted throughout the Plenary Council process.

Remind yourself of the Plenary Council journey since 2018 

More information will follow as the Synod draws closer.




May is the month of the most Blessed Virgin Mary

During the month of May, you are invited to join in praying the Rosary. The Pope has asked for Rosary intentions during the month of May for the formation of religious men and women. Please join us for one of the below events or go to our facebook page for more information.

On the journeyWhere life meets Faith

We welcome into God’s Family, the Church, Preston Ferri, Ellie May Ledger, Wyatt Orreal, Charlotte Schmitt, Claire Scott and Emelia Scottwho will be baptised this weekend in our parish.

We celebrate the marriage of Cian Bedford & Maddison Brooker at Stella Maris Church this weekend.

We pray for all those who have died, especially Agnes Murphy whose funeral rites were celebrated last Tuesday 14 May at Stella Maris Church.

May their souls, and the souls of all our faithfully departed priests, religious, family and parishioners, through the rich mercy of God, Rest in Peace.












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