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Latest Parish News Jun 1, 2024

Corpus Christi
Latest Parish News

Change of Date

Normally on the first Thursday of the month we have baptismal preparation for parents with young infants. However, we will have to postpone the preparation night to the following Thursday (13 June), because on next Thursday we are celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation for over 100 of our younger parishioners at Stella Maris. For the past 5 weeks, they have been preparing and anticipating receiving the Sacrament and on this Thursday 6 June Bishop Brian Heenan will confer the Sacrament. We keep our young parishioners and their families in our prayers during these final days of preparation.


Young Adults

Calling all young adults! Join us for some exciting events at the parish! Every Sunday night after the 5.00pm Mass, we gather for pizza, fun, and faith formation—it’s a great way to connect with friends and grow in your faith. Plus, every second Wednesday (next one is 5 June) we meet at a couple’s house in Marcus Beach for a cosy dinner and a deeper discussion on faith. Don’t miss out on these awesome opportunities to build community and explore your beliefs. For more details contact Fr Isaac [email protected]


Local Meetings

Next Wednesday being the first of the month, all local groups are reminded of your respective meetings – Coolum 12 noon, Buderim 2:30pm, Sippy Downs, 4:30pm, Maroochydore 6.00pm.

A grateful parish thanks all members of our local groups for helping to co-ordinate the many activities within our Parish Family and for always being willing to oversee new pastoral initiatives in our community.


Anointing Mass

The First Friday of June falls on this Friday and everyone is invited to our monthly 9.00am Anointing & Healing Mass at Stella Maris. Perhaps you might know a neighbour or friend who needs transport to the Mass? At the conclusion of the Anointing Mass everyone is warmly invited to morning tea in the function room.


Misa en español?

On the second Saturday of every month, our Spanish chaplain, Fr Luis, celebrates Mass in Spanish at St Mary’s, Buderim. It is a great celebration with hospitality and a warm welcome to new faces. The next Mass in Spanish will be on Saturday, 8 June 6.00pm at St Mary’s. Our FaceBook page is Comunidad Catolica Latina de Sunshine Coast (CCLSC)


Family Prayer

Individual and family prayer is so important and is something in our increasingly busy lives that can get left in the slipstream! We are just too busy!

Yet, we all have memories of family prayer. We all remember the importance of consciously gathering as a family and friends for prayer. One of the traditional ways of focusing our family prayer is by our pilgrim state of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Travelling throughout our Sunshine Coast Parish will be the pilgrim statue. Families are invited to welcome the pilgrim statue into their homes for a week and allow the presence of the statue to be the focus of family prayer. Perhaps you can invite your Catholic neighbours and friends to join you one night and together pray the rosary or some other prayer ritual? Veronica Baatjes is the contact and if you would like to host the pilgrim statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Email Veronica

Please put “pilgrim statue” in the subject line.


In Two weeks Time

Sunday 16 June is now just two weeks away and the plans for our Multicultural Mass are all falling into place. The liturgy com- mittee have their final meeting and practice next Saturday, 8 June at 11.00am – it will truly be an exciting and colourful celebra- tion of our Universal Faith! So next Saturday morning at Stella Maris Church we need all musicians, and all who are involved in the liturgy such as the flag bearers, readers, people involved in the offertory procession, etc – to come along for a final rehearsal.

With the Multicultural Mass getting closer, there is an urgency to support the organisers who are coordinating the different stalls after Mass. Please make contact and accept this invitation to be involved.

Australia – Ken Perren ([email protected])
Colombia – Patricia Zuluya ([email protected])
Croatia – Mirijana Zembic ()
Hungary – Peter Kaszas (0412 000 012 )
India – Michael Joseph [email protected]
Iran – Alireza Pakdaman ([email protected])
Mauritus/USA – Christine and David McDougall ([email protected])

Mexico – Lorena Alcarez ([email protected])
Pacific – John Ioane ([email protected])
Philippines – Percy Deleverio ([email protected])
South Africa – Robert Baatjes ([email protected])
Sri Lanka – Camelia Gaylor ([email protected]
Celtic – Margaret Southon ([email protected]) and Patricia Sweeney Fawcett ([email protected])

Peru – Mila Sims ([email protected])

Italy – Rita Magnami (0492 869 490) and


Can’t see your group? Would you like to help coordinate a table? Would you like more information? If so, please get in contact with Olga Girle ([email protected]) or Fr Peter ([email protected]). Our Multicultural Mass is inclusive of all in our Parish Family. If you can’t see a group or association that you fit into, then perhaps you might join in the celebrations by bringing something Australian – ANZAC biscuits, lamingtons, jam drops – use your imagination and drop off your contribution at Fr Isaac’s coffee shop!!!























Workers in our vineyard!

One thing I discovered the hard way, while working in the West Indies, is that it is easy to turn a million dollar property into a half a million dollar property by simply not doing any maintenance! Living so close to the sea, we face the same extreme climatic conditions that require con- stant maintenance on our buildings, otherwise they quickly deteriorate and the signs of inattention and neglect are so easily seen! As a parish family, we are so lucky to have a body of parishioners who are willing to help with some of the maintenance that is needed on our buildings – a grateful parish says thank you for your dedication, generosity and commitment to completing the many different jobs that you have undertaken. If you would like to be involved or if you can see a task that needs to be done and you can assist, please see the coordinator Bill Rimmelzwaan.

We never say no to willing workers!!!




On the journeyWhere life meets Faith

We welcome into God’s Family, the Church, Indiana Peut, Lennox Williams and Nina Williams who will be baptised this weekend in our parish.

We pray for all those who have died, especially Elaine Brown and Carmel Healy.

Carmel Healy’s Funeral Rites will be celebrated at Stella Maris on Monday, 3 June at 12.00pm.

May their souls, and the souls of all our faithfully departed priests, religious, family and parishioners, through the rich  mercy of God Rest in Peace.


The Start of another Financial Year

There is an old Greek saying that goes something like “Society grows great when we plant trees in whose shade we know we shall never sit”.

In the same way, your continued generosity to your Parish is very much like planting trees in whose shade we know we will probably never sit! It is always the next generation of believers who benefit from our gener- osity and sacrifices.

As a Parish Family, we are enormously grateful for the generosity of everyone in our community who help fund our ongo- ing expenses. We rely on your help to run our liturgical life, administration, to maintain our facilities to look to the future and purchase land to meet the needs of a growing Catholic Community. Through your commitment, under the guidance of the Parish Finance Committee, we are slowly but surely reducing our Parish debt of $1,527,176.51

There are many ways to support the Parish. If you use the weekly envelopes for your planned giving, then they are available on the tables after Mass in two weeks time. If you can’t see them, let us know at the office because they may have gone to one of the other churches, and they’ll re-direct them for you.

DIRECT DEBIT & CREDIT CARD: Since Covid many people have taken advantage of utilising Direct Debit to fulfil their pledge – it’s simple, easy and if you would like Direct Debit forms they are available at the entrance to the Church.

DIRECT DEPOSIT: Parishioners have also found Direct Deposit into the Parish Account a convenient way to financially support the mission and ministry of the Parish. Our Parish banking details are—

Account Name: Stella Maris Parish BSB: 064-786
Account Number: 100000037

SMART  TERMINALS: These are now in operation at all four of our churches. They are positioned on stands near the en- trance to the Church. Its just a matter of “Tap N Go”

TO JOIN PLANNED GIVING: If you would like to join our planned giving program, please go to our website for all the information or contact Bev at the Parish office to get things organised for you.

However you choose to support your Parish, on behalf of the Finance Committee, a grateful Parish says thank you.












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